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Originally Posted by jonny_blaze
This is where the complication comes from. I sold Jeff a SHELL that is it, I didnt have any work done anywhere. Jeff had the work done by us, the shell he bought to build up on. Hence the reason why he bought the engine from someone else, and s/c from us. It was a build up, of a car he wanted. I merely provided a shell, in which he is really unhappy with its paint job or current state. I bought the car WITH the paint job. The purchase of the car was done without an in-person inspection, nor was Jeff's thoughts/complaints about the paint mentioned at the time of delivery, which now is a common understanding that he could have and something could have been done at the time. The only thing that was mentioned was that it is getting repainted, apparently not all of it. The SHELL was sold by me, privately not through bimmersport in AS IS condition. I would not sell a shell "cert. and e-tested" when it has no engine inside of it.

And WindsorBMW, it doesnt have to be dropped. Jeff posted this, rather obnoxious post claiming all these things and I would really like them cleared up on his end, just like how I have taken the time to clear my end. Send you what M3 bumper? A replacement for the one you paid %150 for?

The car as I bought it, wasnt in any state it is now...I have added things to smallest degree, even the underpanels, brake ducts, fog lights, headlight wiring, I even bought a new M3 differential, and ZF transmission because I wasnt satisfied with the hack job the guys who initially built my car did wiht the flanges. Half of the panels, rubbers, gaksets, seals I never even had on the car in the first place and didnt know they were missing and I put them for you. I just bought fog lights for you, so that way i would have had it along with all the misc panels that were missing when I initially bought the car as claiming you saw all the pictures, theres no fogs am I right? Jeremy, If I "****ed him over" wouldnt have I just looked the other way and slapped it all together?

As far as the value of the car, the mechanical shape...I think I would have some idea, because I am in the trade..for the other's posting, who arent in this trade and work flipping burgers or making sandwhiches, or wherever you work at not even involving this industry, Id like to ask..what are you basing your information on that I ****ed him over, or ripped him off?? Id really like to know, because your posts make a negative image for myself, and for the company I work for. Im sure you wouldnt want someone making comments against you, and your company's repuation based on one side's arguements?

Jeff, everything has been sent to you except the hood release cable/handle and gas cap, as I am waiting to get them, if I had an extra e36 gas cap I would have sent it today, and I am PM'ing you the tracking number. Again, if you have any questions please contact the shop during WORKING HOURS. I do not check my PM's first thing in the morning, so maybe following those guidlines would ease the fustration of you thinking Im trying to dodge you.

If you have any serious complaints about the way it was repaired, rust issues, improper alignment of panels or anything along those lines. It will not be taken up, or held responsible by either me or Bimmersport because it isnt any of our work. If you wish to contact them, I discussed with you last night who you can talk to.
^^^^ That’s some UTM shit right there^^^^.

Jon has proven his case. When you buy a SHELL in AS IS condition without doing any sort of inspection of the car, and weeks later find some swirl marks on the paint and a little rust on gas door, you should be held responsible for it.