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Originally Posted by punnzzells
actually I was joking around... but now that you mention the word " slander " ... it's not even close to that. We have not even heard from Charlie or Jon for a rebuttle or explanation and Evo is posting his experience in this praticular transaction... hardly slander. It would be slander if EVO was stating that Charlie and Jon were homosexual lovers or something crazy like that... without the proof to back it up.... and myabe I mis read but Evo'
s intention is not to close bimmersports doors...his intention is to get his car fixed to what he says was promised to him during his transaction...

very disappointed in your comments man...

I don't want anyone to think that I am taking a side on this matter... I just think that EVO should be allowed to discuss his issue openly and in a mature matter... I know Charlie and have dealt with him in the past.. stand up guy...

slander -
It is slander just because of the original thread title, in my opinion. Only Bimmersport was named, where as in reality the shop issue was just in the peripheral of the actual complaint. Since then the title has been changed to better reflect the member(s) being discussed.

And no one is stopping anyone from discussing anything. The thread is wide open, and we haven't censored anything but the thread title. It's ironic that you mention mature manner, because you were the first to make a "joke" of a post which everyone can tell is a serious opinion veiled in sarcasm; this is perfectly clear given your posts for a long time now.

In any case I apologize for going off topic. Hopefully this issue is well on its way to being addressed constructively.
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