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Originally Posted by BlitzSix
That sounds logical, but why would the amp clip if its running within the required RMS.

Would you consider this amp good to push these speakers? Are these speakers good?

Is it okay if I use a Memphis amp which pushes out 1100 RMS to power 2 fosgate power 10s that are rated at 150-600 rms each ? So 550 to each sub?
The amp will clip if the volume is too high. And if the amp isn't as capable as the speakers, you won't have much audible warning; by the time you hear clipping it might be too late. On the contrary, if the amp is better than the speakers the drivers will just distort, which gives you a nice reminder to calm down on the volume.

That amp sounds good, and the speakers are decent too. As long as you have a good headunit and tune it all properly, that should be a great sounding system.

The Memphis amp, is it 1100rms into 2ohms? And what is the impedance of the subs?
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