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Fosgate amp questions

I recently aquired a fosgate T4004 amp, and some alpine type S speakers, pictured below:

If one was to read the specs, they would see that this amp is rated at 25 RMS x 4 @ 4 ohm.

The alpines are rated at 2-50 RMS @ 4 ohm. So the amp would push them at 25 RMS, which is good (not underpowering or overpowering them).

Here are the specs:

As you can see, 25 RMS per channel on 4 ohm.

But, as you observe the birth sheet, it says 91 RMS x 4 at 4 ohm!

Can someone explain to me how this works? Why does it show that my amp is putting out almost 4 times teh power it's supposed to put out? Am I reading the wrong or something? Why would fosgate do this? Is this amp too powerful for my speaker now?

Please help

Also, why does it say 55.842% effieciency? What does this mean? Does it mean my amp sucks?

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