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Dont let anyone take a look, a lot of people have this problem and they spend thousands of dollars trying to fix it.

It is normal as the e46 has a very heavy dual mass flywheel.

I have changed a lot of stuff on my car, the only thing left for my to DIY is engine swap. If you have problems, ive probably had it and could help you out.

One thing ive learned, is these e46s have A LOT of problems. But, most of the problems will not cause major problems, you just have to learn to live with it.

It is not a perfect car like a jap scrap.

Just keep driving it and enjoy it. Do your oil change every 7-8K and you will be fine.

After you do 100-120K change your clutch to UUC package and drive on. This way you change clutch, flywheel, pressure plate and the throw out bearing.

Also you will notice when the car is cold, it wont do it, it starts happening when the clutch warms up.
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