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Originally Posted by andicanada

Im thinking right now to put a new engine in my car M50 and also do a Turbo my plane right now is to drop the engine M50 b25 in my car with the turbo and drive @7psi with no engine modifications beside megasquert is that ok ????

for the long run i got a stroker set to 3.2l what i want to install and lower the compresion ,

what would be the best to do i dont wanne buy later on after stroking a new turbo and so on i'm looking for something where i can build on

what is is best way to go for me

For sale TCD Turbo manifold new for M20

Bye Andre
Yeah man you can boost 7psi on a stock m50 no prob as long as you tune it right. Are you gonna wire up the megasquirt yourself? Cause its gonna require some modifications from the usual setups to make it work with the coil-over-plug ignition on the m50s.

I don't really understand what the queston is that your asking after that, and I don't really undrstand how your planning to lower the compression by stroking the motor?????

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