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Ah, i get you now, i just wasn't used to using the term aftercooler for a air-to-water intercooler.. Gotcha. I had begun wondering what a beforecooler was.

To me, the after-school-special lesson learned is:

Air / air intercooler is easier to build, parts are easy to get and cheap and is effective. On a turbo it is likely you are running the intake air from the exhaust side to the intake side already, so adding an intercooler adds only a marginal amount of air volume.

Air / water intercooler (or aftercooler) is more complex. The actual charge pipe location cooler can be expensive. The system needs a water pump and additional reservoir, in additional to the radiator. However, while the total component space is about equal to the air setup, the items are spread out and easier to layout in a tight fitting engine bay. Also, a s/c setup could be running on the intake side only, so this could be better to keep that charge pipe short.

I bet that miscalculating the radiator, cooler or water volume would be easy to spot in a water based setup, whilst I would hazard that a majority of the air setups on this earth are the wrong size, etc, but it is difficult to tell by any easy-to-point-to factors.

I would love to do a water setup using the transmission cooler section of the radiator as the water's radiator. I installed an auto rad in my manual for just this reason.

Optionally, it would also be super cool to build a new intake to adapt an air intercooler directly into the intake.
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