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Originally Posted by everlast
Pedro, can you clarify your opinion of the difference between an aftercooler and an intercooler with regards to your post?
If your referring to my first post, its not my opinion I was just commenting because the of what johnny blaze had said but he has since corrected himself. An intercooler and aftercooler are both just heat exchangers located after the compressor and before the throttle body (they accomplish the same purpose). Aftercooler is an Air to Water heat exhanger meaning the heat transfer is from the intake charge too some coolant. An intercooler is an Air to Air heat exchanger meaning that the heat is transferred from the intake charge to the ambient air rushing by the intercooler.

Technically both should be called an aftercooler by true definition, however Air to Air heat exchangers in FI applications are called intercoolers instead. However the true definition of an intercooler is a heat exhanger located between compressors in a cycle with multiple compressions. But anyway none of this shit is important just a little factoid i guess.
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