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Originally Posted by PedroBMW
an intercooler cools between the s/c and TB too, its just a slang term that Air/Air intercoolers are called "intercooler" because technically its an aftercooler. An intercooler presupercharger would do nothing. I think the reason that most supercharger kits use air/water aftercoolers is because of the packaging issue, there just isn't much space.
Sorry I guess I should have made myself more clear to what i meant..they serve the same purpose yes but they mount in different locations.

I installed both AA rotrex and Vortech based kits, and personally I think the aftercooler makes more sense...because the AA kit's piping goes around the engine bay making it more cluttered, and the location ofthe bypass valve is in the worst location for lowered cars or cars driven with shitty roads. ...the downside of the aftercooler is working on the car, especially the ICV on OBD2 cars.

EDIT: I should have read everything again, Axxe basically posted what I just did....jonny_blaze FTL on this one.

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