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Originally Posted by notjoe
The compresson of air creates heat which is why i think it's placed after the blower.
yep, thats why I said an intercooler before the blower wouldn't do anything,

about the A/A or W/A intercoolers, I saw a guy on bf.c not long ago that managed to plumb in a FMIC to his vortech blower. It is doable, but like was said earlier its just to ****in big which makes routing the pipes less than ideal (still comparable to the routing A/A does though, which isn't great either like axxe said) but probably cost 1/4 of the price of the A/W aftercooler. That being said, if I had a non-intercooled/aftercooled S/C I would do everything I possibly could to get a FMIC in there cause the price of the aftercoolers is freakin crazy.
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