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Originally Posted by Axxe
Another benefit to water to air intercoolers is the reduced length of charge pipe. 12" of charge pipe is much better for throttle response tan 6 feet of charge pipe. Also, I've seen the way AA routes their intercooler lines, can't say I'm all that impessed with the low underslung tube (lowest point on the car) and multiple 90* bends. I'm sure it doesn't affect much or else AA wouldn't do that, but it would be the deal breaker for me.
With regards to the rotrex setup, the blower takes up less space than the vortech units, so there is more room left over to fit a FMIC, and I quesetion if AA did this mainly due to cutting cost to make the kit affordable. Afterall, I believe water-air intercoolers cost more than the FMICs and there's less of a pressure drop than using a FMIC.

To sum it up, use a water-air intercooler for vortech setups.
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