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Originally Posted by PedroBMW
an intercooler cools between the s/c and TB too, its just a slang term that Air/Air intercoolers are called "intercooler" because technically its an aftercooler. An intercooler presupercharger would do nothing. I think the reason that most supercharger kits use air/water aftercoolers is because of the packaging issue, there just isn't much space.
Another benefit to water to air intercoolers is the reduced length of charge pipe. 12" of charge pipe is much better for throttle response tan 6 feet of charge pipe. Also, I've seen the way AA routes their intercooler lines, can't say I'm all that impessed with the low underslung tube (lowest point on the car) and multiple 90* bends. I'm sure it doesn't affect much or else AA wouldn't do that, but it would be the deal breaker for me.

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