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Originally Posted by Axxe
Ball joints at 100K? Have you ever driven an american car? The suspension is shot at 25K. Honestly, transmission and suspension problems can usually be attributed to driver abuse, that is the risk you run of buying a used car. If you ran into all those problems after owning it from new, and it was babied, then i can understand your frustration. Either way, early models of any production usually have the most problems, so stay away unless you are prepared to deal with them. That's the trade off for buying a "cheaper" car (early production models usually depreciate most).
Here we go again...

I've had many used cars - never had a tranny fail. Soldo had his fail. My friend in New Jersey had hers fail. All of them were early model 323i's. Now you are going to tell me we all don't know how to drive...


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