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Essentially you want to decide what your budget is and what your power gain goal will be. Is this going to be mainly used for street driving or will it frequently see the track/autocross? Do you do a lot of spirited driving or are you looking for more power to give your car the 'umph' when driving around the city?

I would assume that you want a FI system that's not too aggressive, but gives reasonable gains as how you said "some extra ponies." In this case, I'd opt to go the supercharged route via the vortech blowers (VFE Engineering, RMS, ESS Tuning) or twin-screw (AutoActivewerks or Eurosport).

I honestly love the TC setups, as you have to ability to adjust boost on the fly via electronic boost controller or a manual one, and there's quite a lot of flexibility if you want to increase the power in the long-run (i.e. larger turbos, bigger intercoolers,etc).

However, TC setups are usually more costly compared to a S/C setup, and personally I think require more maintenance especially if you're running a higher psi setup.

I think it's easier for us to give you some suggestions if you can answer some of the questions I first mentioned
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