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a few things about the Microsoft X-Box

i was watching this show today on Tech Tv and they had some guy there that wrote a book on the X-box.

and that x-box might be the best console out there but the PS2 is killing it by far. 40 Million PS2 vs 7 Million x-box consoles.

and the biggest thing that he said was that microsoft is losing over 1 Billion dollars on the X-Box. when they first came out it cost them $425 USD to make them and they were selling them for $300 USD and now the cost to make them is down but they are still losing money on it. and MS will never make any money on the X-Box. and they are happy about that actually.

because the whole plan was to get into the console industry and then their next generation console should make them money.

both the X-box 2 (if they call it that) and the PS3 are expected in 2005 or 2006,00.html
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