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Angry fastlane-Z8-350Z-------->

did you guys watch Fastlane, WHATTA FUK? the white dude raced a hot chik, the white dude was in a BMW_Z8, the chick in a NISSAN_350Z,!!!!! and they raced, ya they FUKING raced, now whatta hell is that, the z8 barely passed the nissan, what is that? man, they don't know shit about cars, a $200000 car vs. a $40000 car, how dare they? i will sue
that nissan better have supercharger, turbocharger and fuking NAS to be racing the Z8
the black guy said the Z8 is modded and has 80 more ponies, which makes it 480 hp, the nissan has 280 hp, then they played cat and mouse, now is that fuking funny or what!!!
give me a brake

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