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Originally posted by SOLDOMATIC 325i
WOW do i ever feel like an OUSIDER i mean theres only like a SELECT FEW of us who don't!!!
i for one have NEVER touched ANY OF it, had a CIG once, but i stay the hell away from the WACKY TABACKY!!
i mean, theres no point just a waste of money!!!
BTW it ruins your CAR MAN!!!
i don't even let people smoke in ir NEAR my car!!!
it's soo true. i never let anyone smoke in my car either because what will happen is over time the vents get resin inside and it'll stink whenever the vents or a/c is on and it smells awful. my parent's cars are like that.
I do hotbox my car sometimes though, but very rarely, and i run a negative ion generator afterwards to clear out everything and all smells

p.s. miguel: believe it or not, i dont sell at all, i smoked all of that to myself and with the help of a couple buddies =)

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