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Everyting you all have been saying is true. Its all about power money and greed. They did it to us with the Avro Arrow, they are doing it to the Iraq's with the oil, and they will continue doing it until they rule the world, the US gov't..

1) Avro Arrow, read up on it. Canadian built fighter that posted speeds, and manouevreability that the US government could not match. What happened, all the planes were destroyed except 1 whereabouts unknown, factory demolished, papers burned.

2) Importing oil from venezuela, middle east has greater profits for oil companies. That is why they do not want to drill for oil on our own land. Northwest Territories has been examined and found to have enough oil reserves to fuel ALL of north america for over 20 years. Why haven't they started to drill? Could you imagine the cost of gas at 30 cents a litre... Oil company profits would drop considerably because they could not use the so called cost of importing to raise the prices of barrels.

3) Could you image Afganistan having its own resources to drill for oil, that country would get rich very fast, opportunity strikes, so did the US.

My .02

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