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just to add some points here for the sake of conversation

mkgino: if u watched bush's speech this past week he mentioned that he wants to start some energy saving program (like u mentioned) so they would not have to rely on gas and hence won't need the middle east as much...this energy saving shit is seriously going to take affect especially now with all the controversy that's going on about Iraq and the states purpose for war

sickfinga: these ghettos' here in canada and america are nothing compared to the other parts of the world. TRUST ME ON THAT. I agree with u that america is a coperation

my personal opinion is that america does have a hidden agenda and I think people are on to them. Only 57% of americans believe war with iraq is needed. Most of the world disagree's with Bush's approach and people are making themselves heard with all the protests that are going on

Lastly, I would like to point out how arrogant one of Bush's remarks was. When sept. 11 happened, Bush said every country is either with us or against how arrogant is that!?

I think its important to point out here that its the american government that is ****ed up and not the american people. I want to state that now cuz i know some americans are gonna think that we feel this way about the whole country and they might think we're terrorists

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