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Originally posted by mkgino
lol, Would you rather live in a 3rd world country? How about you go to Afghanistan and live under a bunch of rocks. You have it good and you dont even know it. What would happen if Iraq were the leaders of the world? You would be working for pennies a day, and living off bread and water. Please, we are all spoiled here, thats the problem. North america is the best place in the world to live.

Ever been to ghetto??? It is prolly worse than Afghanistan.
NO ONE should be a ruler of the world, Not US, not Iraq, not any other country.
3rd world countries are just a big factory for US. Cheap labour.
If US wouldn't wanna steal oil from IRAQ, you wouldn't even heard about it. IRAQ is just one of the few countries that has balls to say GO FU CK YOUR SELF USA.
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