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Originally posted by SickFinga
It is all CRAP.
Did you see a single weapon? NO, they don't show crap cause the got none.
Iraq is not a threat to a free world. Europe has no beef with Iraq what-so-ever. Why??? Like I said Bush wants oil. Without OIL US wouldn't excist as it is. I'm tired of paying almost 90 cents per liter for a gas. And it is BUSH'S fault. He must be stopped, or because of his idiotic ideas we will have 3rd ww, which will be lost. I just hope the whole world will go against US, and I see it is comming. Maybe US military has bug money, but it is not the best military.
lol, Would you rather live in a 3rd world country? How about you go to Afghanistan and live under a bunch of rocks. You have it good and you dont even know it. What would happen if Iraq were the leaders of the world? You would be working for pennies a day, and living off bread and water. Please, we are all spoiled here, thats the problem. North america is the best place in the world to live.
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