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Originally posted by Autotechnica

But what gives the American's the right to have nuclear weapons and be able to say Iraq is not allowed to have any? It seems like American's are just bullying Iraq. I believe that Saddam Hoosain will not openly fire on the american's for no reason. He is not crazy like Bin Laden, he does not want to start a war with the Americans. Even though he could do a lot of damage he knows that in the end he will be defeated so I doubt he will try anything. I just don't understand what gives the Americans the right to have so much control over the rest of the world.

But I guess since Saddam lost the war he has no choice.

Sorry, I hate american foreign policy as much as the next guy, but I have to disagree with you here. I dont feel that an unstable country like Iraq should be allowed to have nuclear weapons. Regular weapons to support its territorial integrity is fine, it is a country after all that has to protect itself. But no nukes, I do fear them using the nukes. N. Korea is not an unstable country like Iraq, and neither is Russia. Also as far as middle eastern countries go, I do think they need a change in the way they think. Im sorry but western society is better than a society where women dont work and political opponents are killed on a daily basis. I think a country that treats everyone equal and doesnt exterminate a race is better to live in than Iraq.

See the problem for the states is that they are not going into Iraq for these reasons, and that is what I dont like, they are going in to exploit resources. If they really were going for the good and noble reasons they say they were then that would be fine, but they lie.
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