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Originally posted by Furious325is
....., but on the other hand you have to see that without this force , Iraq could be a potential thread to the free world. if they DO have mobil nuclear and chemical weapons depots than all it takes is one nuke pointed at the upper states and we would all be toast. (fall out and stuff),, were is the line, and at what point is it crossed. i believe that the american govenment will cross it if war is truely declared. this is just some of my 2 or 3 cents.

It is all CRAP.
Did you see a single weapon? NO, they don't show crap cause the got none.
Iraq is not a threat to a free world. Europe has no beef with Iraq what-so-ever. Why??? Like I said Bush wants oil. Without OIL US wouldn't excist as it is. I'm tired of paying almost 90 cents per liter for a gas. And it is BUSH'S fault. He must be stopped, or because of his idiotic ideas we will have 3rd ww, which will be lost. I just hope the whole world will go against US, and I see it is comming. Maybe US military has bug money, but it is not the best military.
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