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Just bacause a sub "POUNDS" (in someone's opinion) or is "LOUD"....... doesn't necessarily make it good.

And just cause it handles 10 zillion watts and you have your billion watt amp that dims whole neighbourhoods ........... that does not necessarily make it a good sub either.

It should be clean, accurate and able to reproduce the tunes as they were originally recorded. IF it's able to do that and also be very efficient (= no large power requirements = monster amps) then you have a winner.

At Performance World, I talked a ton of people about car audio. It's incredible how stupid people are............ wanting to spend a billion bucks on HUGE amps and monster subs ............ and they don't really know why they want to. They rhyme off wanting to be loud and pound and blah, blah, blah.......... but they just don't get it. Unless you are heavily into SPL competition and have an electrical system in your car to back up the amplifier power requirements (and I'm not talking about a capacitor), there is absolutely no point to going into this area of monster gear as it's a complete waste of your money for a daily driver or a show and shine car, etc. You CAN achieve 80% of the results for a hell of a lot less dough and not have to worry about your cars electrical system if you actually take some time to know what you're getting into, have a good plan and then shop smart. There is so much bullsh*t out in on the market today it isn't funny. People are being ripped off left, right and centre every day because they just have no idea.

Smart equals a couple hundred watts and a good efficient sub.

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