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Originally Posted by MCK
What is the max width wheel and tyre setup you could fit on an E30 without any fender mods? You say 215 is the max tyre that would fit a a 9" wheel, so would 9" be max for an E30 without rolling.
What of I use no spacers on that previous setup, 9" on front and 10" on rear, would that work, and I have H&R Coilover's setup on my car. is that what you mean by aggressive?
Whatever will still mount a 215 tire is relatively safe. 9" wide seems to be the max for a 215, especially for 18" rims (less sidewall to work with). There are people running 10" rims with 215 tires, but don't do it.

Your setup simply will not work without some bodywork. Those wheels are massive. And H&R coilovers are fairly soft, but better than 60/40 springs.
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