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Originally Posted by Mystikal
Yes, it will weaken them. Often these cars you see with "euro" wheels do rub, and the ones that don't are never running 255'-width tires. Think 215 at the most to fit under non-pulled fenders.
So it would be safe to run these on front
front 9x18 ET 13 tyres 215/35-18 or even 8.5x18 et13 same tyres
and with a bit of fender rolling to run
rear 9.5x18 ET 13 tyres 235/30-18
What do you think?
I love the euro look and what a daily driver. so it can't rub on the fender, don't mind if it rubs on the inner wheel well.
318 sitting on 18x7.5s and a S54 waiting in the garage to go in.
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