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I have. In a very sporty bmw i think they would be great, but my car is still mostly a cruiser, as even though i'm hoping for 200+rwhp, and the 3.38 shouldn't hurt, that still wont make it that quick.
Plus the belts are 400$, so its unlikely i ever go ahead with that.

The under hood light i'll almost definatly do.
-footwell lighting? I think i have footwell lighting. I'll check (haven't driven the car in 5 months)
-Blinding people wont be a problem, there will be 6 HID's pointing from the front of my car this season.
-rear fogs, i dont know. mabye. Lot of wiring for not a lot of practicality.
-sunshades belong on the 7
-bmw fire extinguisher: been looking for one
-bmw emergency kit: didn't think of that, but i like the idea, i'll buy one.

-I'm not a fan of vaders. I'm not even that much of a fatass anymore, but i'm about 6' even, 205lbs, and i can't seem to fit confortably in them. My sport seats are extra huggable
d1s bulb canada

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