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Originally posted by Phantom
PC..........It offers a little more flexibility, and you can write your own scripts. Your human thermal sensor all over the house idea is great. Only problem is it may respond to other heat sources, and run you costly electricity bills( I learned the hard way). The only heat sensors I have are in a guest washroom which doesn't see much traffic and no alternate heat sources(except steam from hot water) are present
I'm in process automation (PLC Programmer) so I have access to some nice software packages, but we're currently looking into PC controls as well for some of our future machines.

How about using it (thermal sensor) in conjuction with a motion sensor? You might be able to get away with not having it in the kitchen, or have a different method of control (pressure pads under the tiles?)

Hopefully I'll have more spare time soon to plan this project, because with this growing technology, almost anything is possible.
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