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Originally Posted by Suprano
As for Fil (Eurostyle), you should have nipped this in the bud rather than letting the post continue for 9 pages. Regardless of what occurred, this situation is not good for business; last I checked I thought that was the field you were in. You may be morally and legally correct, but you shouldn't have let it get to this point.
I don't know if you've been reading a different thread but I don't see anything here that would suggest that this situation will hurt Fil's image in any way. It's just an angry guy wanting someone else to pay for his mistakes. Unfortunately this society lets people of poor moral fiber think that they don't have to own up to anything they do, and there's always someone else they can blame. If every business had to worry about people like this, they would all be bankrupt. I love Costco's policy but I bet this guy is the same type of person I see lined up returning 80% used up bottles of sauce.

All that's going to come out of this is Fil will learn to be less friendly, like all businesses of his kind have learned the hard way. The part is X, the part number is Y, condition Z, beyond that, I DON'T PROMISE ANYTHING. Otherwise if you keep outstretching a helping hand, someone will come along and bite your arm off.
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