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Originally Posted by bmdbley'sBro
well sorry for my ignorance all i've got are your eurostyle is a 'lying thief' posts to go on.

and again you're condraticting yourself.
we both know test drivable or not the car without the "story" and the fk'd second gear sell for more and sell quicker..

regardless of what impressions your were under you said you had both tranny's out, side by side, days after purchase
why did you wait 60+ days to mention this HUGE problem??
and then when you finally do mention the problem it's by dropping the this guys a 'lying thief' bomb??

again i don't know either of you.
I've been burned too, but sorry the last thing you've managed to do is make me feel sorry for you.

carry on though

Dude your way off. I HAVENT STARTED THE SWAP UNTIL A COUPLE DAYS AGO, i said right NOW the trannys are on the ground.
2 months ago the car was together and unsold.
last week the car got sold and i started the job
For 2 months the tranny sat under my desk in my office covered with rags.
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