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Originally Posted by paul christians
I have nothing againt you at all man,but I think there is date base for part numbers at the shop that could have help you out abit more,and for the car you are asking about the speakers if I "REMEBER" they run 2way kit up and the same in the back,and back than they ran a massed up ohms set-up like GM so 6ohms,it has been along time for me to see Mareati biturbo....I maybe off abit with this but hey is all good,I can find out more if you what to know more and if know what they are that is too....
Thanks but no thanks, i was simply using that as an example that just because your an audio guy you dont know everything about audio. Just like how i manage an auto repair shop, i dont know everything about cars.
Yes i could have done more research, but i knew Fil, he was good to me in the past, so i thought i could trust him, afterall i was a loyal customer, and no business owner in there right mind would ruin that type of relationship especially over $200
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