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Originally Posted by Blackedout_E36
Vsanj, thanks for your input but your lack of technical knowlege on this particular subject makes you look like a donkey in a horse race, but i appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to let me know how you feel on the situation anyhow.

Fil, if your saying Charlie said that tranny will work with no modification, your pretty much insulting his knowledge on the subject.And if i was Charlie and saw this, i would forsure not be happy with how Fil is tossing around my name like it was a ball. If Charlie really did say it will work with no problem, i dont understand how ppl are so happy with his work. I posted the differences for everyone to see, its obvious it wont work.

lol this community is a joke, no wonder all the intresting people have left.. you can add me to the list.

If anyone wants a free 318 tranny, you can come pick it up anytime next week, pm me for my location.

Sadly my freind, YOUR the one is looks like a idiot here, ask anyone on are in the with it!

P.S I dont need much technical knowledge to know you are being a immature cry baby here
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