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While I'm not going to take sides here as I don't know either of you.

BUT... In all honesty... Normally when people are out to buy parts, be it new or used, they do some research BEFORE the fact to make sure what they can and cannot use in their particular application.

IMO, it's not 100% Eurostyle's or Bimmersports fault that YOU bought a tranny that doesn't work. Let alone the fact that you bought a 4cyl tranny for a 6cyl car would have raised a flag in my head, but that's just me.

If you're the business person you say you are, and manage a company that deals with automotive parts, then you should know to trust no one. And while dealing with new parts isn't as bad, buying used parts and trying to return them months later is a much different story IMO.

I mean, there's so much information available these days within a few mins, heck even 30 mins of your time before the purchase of the part would have saved everyone from this head ache.

On top of this, I hardly see that you could be in any way a professional by using the language you have in this thread.

Originally Posted by Blackedout_E36
Terry, thanks for your generosity.. but id rather give the tranny to someone in need of it rather than a child hiding behind a keyboard.

"just trust Fil on this one" lol your a joke pal, after this i wouldnt trust you with a dollar.

In all fairness, ive learned my lesson here. Dont deal with small time business people with lack of management skill. Always do reasearch before making a purchase, and never trust someone that says "just trust me". So i thank you for that Fil and i bid you good luck on your future in the service industry.

For those that can see the truth for what it is, learn from my mistake!!
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