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Originally Posted by bmdbley'sBro
do you not even see the contradiction of your statements?
1) "with both tranny's sitting on the ground." this did tie up your hoist & shop.
2) but you "cant justify bringing the car into the busy shop i run, tie up the hoist for so long without a buyer..
i end up lossing money on that hoist every hour of everyday."

your probably not going to get what im saying, but whatever.
you already tied up your hoist & 'lost time', so why not waste a little more?
I mean who buys a car with a blown tranny (especially from a shop)??
how can you test drive it to even check for a multitude of other problems?
you can't therefor if fixing cars to sell them is your biz/hobby you 1st need to "fix" them.

also when you originally had the 2 tranny's side by side why didn't you notice these issues immediately?????
again do you not see the contradictions cause thats what im seeing.
was it even really You or just some employee that didn't take note for You cause he doesn't care??

lasty I know the europarts guy around here would charge way more then $200for a tranny.
can you not just sell the tranny listing it at $400? you'll probably get $300,
person can drive to your shop & buy it. lots of shops sell parts.

look no offence but i think your just typing out of frustration induced anger here.
You simply dont know enough about the situation to make statements like you are.
The problem with MY tranny was that second gear had a slight knotch when selected. So it was totally test driveable.
I took it upon myself to fix this for whoever bought the car, i wanted to sell a good car, which i intend on doing.
When i brought the car in, i was under the impression that it would be a straigt swap like Fil said so there would have been no tie up
Now do you understand??
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