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Yes i do have some kind of a shop, and just because i do, doesnt mean i should know automatically what tranny would work in a car.. im not a know it all and never made any of you think i am. I am not a liscenced mechanic. I have many customers have bmw's and mercedez yada yada yada, but i will only do maintenance work for these customers, id rather not get involved with these highly technical vehicles.
Again, what does all this have to do with the situation at hand??? why is everyone shying away from the truth???
Seems to me that more than one person on this forum has something against me.

Paul your an audio guy right? can you tell me what type of speakers came in my 85 maserati biturbo? and also what ohms are they running at? Also can you tell me the speakers from my dodge dakota will work in replacement of my front speakers in the maserati?? If you can answer these right i will bow down and call you king.

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