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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover
I can't speculate much, I don't know the exact details, BUT,
Unfortunately, not many will take a part 2 months after you've initially bought it from them. Not even large stores like CT or other shops.
Anyway, I am sure you will work this out. Posting on Max is not the way to do it.

I run an auto repair shop, i have accounts with almost 20 parts suppliers, for example NAPA AUTO PARTS

I just returned a full stock of timing belts to them that were 5 years old, full of dust from sitting in my parts room all that time. I never returned them before because THEY TOLD ME HOW LONG I HAVE UNTIL I NEED TO RETURN THE PARTS
Fil at no point specified his company policy to me about part return time, this is his and only his responsibilty as a business owner.

edit: Posting on max is one of the best ways to get my point across, Fil told me straight out hes gonna play ball if i take further actions, this is his home court so here i am.

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