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Originally Posted by Blackedout_E36
Not only did he reasure me that it would fit without any problems, he gave me a refrence from bimmersport (Charlie) that he said it would fit with no problems. Infact both of them were dead wrong. I will be posting up pics of the differences in the trannys, a mcdonalds clerk could tell you it wouldnt work.

EDIT: I called Fil back just now, he said he wants to go half on it with me, i would bring back the tranny and he would give me $100. What i cant understand is how that is half way? i gave him the inital 200 for the tranny, so now hes gonna give me 100 and then he can sell the tranny again for 200?? hes making a double profit on my loss, now this is making me even more fed up. Im still in shock that a max sponser who ive done business with would do something like this.
Youre in the green. Thats a shitty thing to do. Fil, do the right thing.
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