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Eurostyle Design Inc, Ripping People Off

Well i cant beleive what is happening, after doing business with Fil in the past ive had nothing but good experiences with him. Two months ago i purchased a transmission for my 93 320 from Fil. He informed me that the tranny he was selling me was from a 318, ok no problem... i specifically asked him twice through pm's if this tranny would work without a problem. He informed me that he spoke with Charlie at bimmersport and that he said it will work with "no problem", i expressed my concern and asked again if it would work, he reasured me a second time, then let me know that if i had any problems to just bring it back and he would refund me my money. Never once did he give me a time limit to bring back the part.
Low an behold, 2 months later im here installing this tranny (ive been busy with work thats why i had to wait so long to get started on it) and this thing will not work without modification. Where the slave cylinder bolts up to the tranny is completely different.
So having the reasurance that he gave me through pm and when i was at his shop, i call him up today to let him know that the tranny will not work. To my surprise he tells me he cannot take it back and if he can do anything about it he'll go half on it with me and give me $100, i paid $200 for the tranny.
This is not acceptable, he sold me the tranny under the impression that he would refund my money if i had any problems.. which i did, and also he never gave me a time limit of how long i could wait before returning the part.
This is very unaceptable, very unprofessional, and most of all down right wrong.
I never expected this from Fil, again we have done business transactions many times, so im not 2 sure why he would do this to one of his regular customers. Anyways even though its only $200 i will be taking Fil to small claims court, Unless Fil would like to refund my $200 or supply me with another tranny that will fit without modifications i will withdraw my complaint and return the tranny he sold me.
Im posting this for others to becarefull when doing business with this company, i dont want someone else being taken advantage of like i have.

Fil, i hope you find it in your heart to do the right thing.. im a straight up guy and i thought you were aswell. Lets take care of this in a professional manner.
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