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Best "el cheapo" audio upgrade

Okay, E46 320i, horrible business CD stock sound system, no CD changer. I'd like better sound but I'm poor, so I'd have to do it in pieces. I DON'T want a bass-bumpin machine. Rap NEVER stains my ears and I would kill anyone who even TRIED to play a rap CD in my car. But I'd like better sound, QUALITY sound, not just volume. I listen to a lot of classical and ambient electronic shit that just sounds awful on a stock BMW system.

So, what do I do first? Right now I'm kinda dying for an MP3 headunit, preferably one that plays MP3s from DVD-R discs so I can skip the iPod bullshit. So I was leaning towards that first. Where can a car audio noob research speakers and head units? Anyone got any good links, advice, etc?

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