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Originally Posted by m_coupe1999
Dear All,
I just purchased a 2003 E46 M3. Production month is January 2003. Now I heard about an engine failure that affects cars prior to Jun 2003, thus my car included. What is the engine failure, how can i know if my engine is experiencing this failure, and what can i do about it. can i just go to BMW and ask them to fix???? My car is the European version E46.
Please let me know....As I just bought the car, and I don't want to end my joy with an engine failure!!!!

Its the Rod Bearing recall that was done on the E46 M3s. If i'm not mistaken, the only cars affected by it were from 2001-2002 (Specific months, too), so I wouldn't worry about it at all since you have a 2003. I don't know where you got the June 2003 date from.

If you want to put your mind to ease, check the lead count in your oil. A friend of mine had his engine almost go bye-bye, but because he checked his oil for lead count, he saved it from dying.
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