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Originally Posted by Lil328ti
98000Kms, Imported from japan, mint!
So it's RHD? There are plenty of Tourings available in Canada that I don't really think it would be worth the hassle of buying a RHD one.

If you go RHD, it'll be bigger hassles when you decide to swap in a newer engine

Another thing to keep in mind is what engine comes in it. A lot of the ones coming over are 318 or 320's. I wouldn't go for one of those engines unless you know for certain it's going to be yanked out for something better.

9Gs sounds about right. It's in Kelowna?

Bmwstylz, they shouldn't anything different to drive. It's the same suspension, engines and interior. Just more room inside and better styling (imo) on the outside.
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