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If this is for your e30, this is retarded.

Why would you move the battery? Its fairly low as it is, if you move it, it will be higher, and thats not what you want. You want weight as low as possible. Also, being on the right side it balances out the driver more, but thats a very extreme way to look at it. Have fun boosting it and/or taking it out buried all the way down in the trunk.

Secondly, why do you need to stiffen the shock mounts? Its a pretty sturdy area and the only brace that would make sense is to stiffer the spring points, but thast not a problem in the e30, since its part of the frame. The shocks shouldnt have that much force on them either to require a brace. Your springs take that abuse, shock should only dampen the force up and down, shouldn't be a side to side... hence bar=useless... at least IMO

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