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Originally Posted by INFAMOU$
LMAO.. that does sound awesome.. something tells me that Paul is talking about a sled as in.. motorized snowmobile.. but maybe not.. GTs were awesome tho! I remember the old ones where they had a big lookin spoon on a level as the brake.. man were they useless! My plan was to take an old school satellite dish and wire up lights on all the poles towards the center and get like 10 people on it and gown a hill!
LOL I remember those stupid little e-brake looking things! They would just shoot snow up in the air at your face and in your boot.

Originally Posted by paul
I am talking about a snowmobile. But i also had a Gt snow racer lol. All fun and games until you hit a tree or park bench lol
lol snowmobiling, my mistake. I've only gone a couple times... and that was when i was 14. Man I wish I could go again.
And I had a few accidents on my GT, but mostly me throwing myself off a home made crooked ramp, and landing on my back. Those were the days.
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