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Under drive pulleys with a charger? Question.

Any physics majors out there?…help! lol

I had UUC under drive pulleys for the water pump and the power steering installed on my car previous to my charger install. Now…after installing an AA charger on the car which according to AA, I had to change my pulleys back to OEM because they claim that the charger will then create more boost this way “because of the longer length in belt required”, causing the charger to run improperly(too quick). Me and Nelson(Thinair) were talking one night and we were just stunned at the idea of the charger creating more boost with just having under drive pulleys? Next day I had called Rocco at RMP (since he’s good at performance upgrades and this kinda shit), and he told me the same thing we were thinking, and that it should not make any difference in boost (OEM pulleys or not). Unless I change the crank pulley, the charger should continue to spin at the exact same rate either way…or not? I’m a little confused as to why this is recommended by AA? I called them twice already, but im still kinda blurry on the explanation. Anyone care to shed some light on this?

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