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Pole busted to boosted.
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supercharged g35...what is making this noise!!

guys at 40 seconds...when he lets off the throttle..what is that noise??? blowoffvalve, orr wastegate...
he has a vortech supercharger it says...soooo does this mean i can have a blow off valve or wastegate on my supercharger setup??
i want the nooiiseeee ....sam said i can do it, but risk my check engine light being on..big deal
and other said ill lose power...what do u guys think i needdds to knowww

arent waastegates only for turbo applications??? .then again i thought i saw one on an eaton charger..someeeoneeee help me with ure knowledge

furious........sickfinga.. im lookin at u to answer this one


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"i saw your car there when i was there a few weeks ago, looks absolutely stunning man. I think i popped a ****ing boner, that paint looks sick

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