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Originally Posted by c900t16
dam,,,,turns out one tooth on the disstributor gear is missing...shit.

So i have 3 options charlie said:

Do an e30 swap,
Find an m10 engine and swap it
Find the gear, pul the head and swap it in.

Now i dont have much cash cause im not working, so i think im going to pull the head myself and do it, but I need to find out where i can get this gear.

Anyone know of anyone with an m10 engine or this gear thing i need??
Anyone have instructions on how to remove the head ? im sure its like any other head job...line up to TDC and watch the gearing, and is there is no mark, make one! Liek is said, im new to these cars and something this old bu tim not affriad to do the work...jsut gona be a bitch now its freezing and i have no garage. I doubt cahrlie will let me use his shop and i dont think i have enough money to pay him to do it.

I really need help on instructions for this car and where to get the part.
Tooth is missing on the dizzy gear?? Where the hell did it go? Is it still in the dizzy housing? You shouldn't need to pull the head, need to take the dizzy housing off, find the missing tooth parts and buy a new distributor. Unless the cam gear is damaged you shouldn't have any trouble.

Worst case changing the head is not a big deal. Put motor to TDC, both lobes on number one pointing straight down. Put finger in #1 spark plug hole and make sure you're on compression stroke. Remove upper timing chain cover, remove cam gear and tie off so you don't loose a tooth on the crank gear. Remove head bolts and yer done.
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