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Frank makes some interesting stuff................. or should I say acquires some really neat gear from over seas. I haven't talked to him in a long time. I used to run a boat load of his stuff when I first got seriously involved in car audio and built this stupid extended cab MAzda B2600i 4X4. It had tons of his speakers EVERYWHERE. I had to mount the amps on the ceiling because I just ran out of room.......... fan-cooled. I think the gear weighed in more then the vehicle !!!

IDMAX is awesome............. but I can smoke it with a TREO TSX for a hell of a lot less money. The IDMAX is a tiny bit better for pure SQ (sound quality), but that's it. I think the TREO is something like a 1/4 of the price though (retail $$$ wise). Bang for your buck.............

Buddy of mine in BC is running two TREO TSX 10.22 in a box and just now hit 154's in USAC I believe.......... or is it DB Drags. Can't remember. He's up 1 db since I last posted. Now that's kickin azz with two 10" !!!! I don't know exactly how he's doing it and it baffles me on how his numbers keep going up. I think he feeds his TREO's crack................. and a shot of JD before hitting them.

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