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Originally Posted by Jiver
I bought the bike new in 1993. I wanted that bike and colour scheme. So, I will hold on to it a little bit longer. Besides, to replace with a bike the same size engine, now-a-days, would be too expensive.

Did you just buy your bike? You did mention that it would be your first riding season? You must be excited. Did you take a riding course? I took a refresher course last year with my GF as she rides a Vespa. Her first scooter. Boy, the scooter is fun! Nothing compared to my CBR, though. Her Vespa is only 150cc with a top speed of 100km. It starts to vibrate after 100km. The engine is screaming, too!

Yeah, I am tired of winter already... come on Spring!

WOW, so u been riding for a while now.... nice, yeah this is my first season, i took a course in september last year, it was fun, those Vespa's must be nice on gas... so u ride the bike more then the ZHP???
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