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Interior fan growling/noisy

Hey all,

It was brutally cold today and I'm not sure if the weather had anything to do with this. I drove the car normally for 20 minutes. I was idling in it for 10 minutes or so with the engine running and the fan started to get really noisy.

Kind of a growl, with clicking, and rubbing. I turned the climate control off and started chaging the settings manually. The faster the fan spun, the quieter the noise got, even taking into consideration the extra air noise. It didn't seem to matter which vents the air was going through.

I went in for my appointment and once I got back and started the car it was still happening. As soon as I started driving and the engine was reving over 2000 RPM, the noise seemed to go away.

I'm definitely going to take this in to get checked out, but would like to have some ideas before I do. So any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

2000 328i sedan
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