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coil over

the obx is the best bang for the buck for lowering the car.

it says e30/e36, but s mad for the e36 wieght and so fourth. they will make the car low.. actually slammed when i did it to randys car.

here is the trick steve, for the front.
make sure the shock is removed from the strut housing.
take a cutting disc and cut the lower perch, but leave a lip from the origional perch. that will be your base. the sleeve from the coilover kit will be too long. you will have to put the shock back in and install the locking nut. the distance from the perch and the bottom part of the lock nut is the length of the sleeve. remove the shock and nut and cut the sleeve that length and slide it over the strut housing. then install the shock and the locking nut should now be tight. the sleeve should not lift off now. the rest is self explanitory.

for the rear... you will need to have a machinist (do you anyone randy? ) and bore the center part of the sleeve to fit over the lower control arm raised nipple (sounds sexual )
the sleeve will fit snug and you may have to try it out a couple of times to get the right height.

now it will be slammed.... but watch your front tires they dont hit the perch...


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